Water Balloon Pinata

I know, I know!  What kind of parent would encourage his kids to play water ballon pinata in the winter?  Yes we just had our first major snowfall of the year and got about 8 inches.  Maybe that’s why I suddenly wish for the dog days of summer.  And I couldn’t resist this fun activity!  I saw this posted in a list of activities for kids and I thought, “hey, we’re all about getting kids outside and active, that’s why we have so many different wooden swings for kids.  We also like cheap activities that are easy on parents!  So why not get this idea out there.”  And here you go.
Very simply all you need is a bag of balloons you can get for a dollar, some nylon string you can also get for a dollar and my favorite, a plastic woofle bat for… yep, you guessed it, $1!  Add a little water, a few knots in the tree next to your wood tree swing and there you go – hours of summer fun that keeps your kids active, cool and happy.
If you have any other ideas you’d like us to share that can keep kids active and healthy feel free to let us know at support@treeswingstore.com