Tree Swings for Adults Make Great Christmas Gifts

Tree Swings for adults make a great Christmas gift!  


Have you ever thought about that?  It’s not every day that we get something from our childhood that has only good, exciting memories attached unless of course, you’re my neighbor Dave who lost his front tooth to an angry tree swing that took a shot at his mouth while he wasn’t looking.


In fact, swings have been gifts to adults for thousands of years.  King Xerxes, the great man God of the Persian empire is said to have been gifted a swing as a gesture of peace by the Mongols, who weren’t fans of his penchant for rice, but preferred noodles to be served at royal banquets.  Ok, maybe that’s not quite true, but it could be!


The reality is maybe not so grand, but every bit as enjoyable.  A well-made tree swing with sturdy, lost lasting rope is a great accessory to any backyard tree and will provide hours of relaxation for the lucky adult sitting on it.  And it will provide hours of relaxation to the overworked adult that lets his/her kids play on it so they can enjoy some peace.


If you haven’t considered a nice adult tree swing as a Christmas present for someone you love, maybe now’s a good time!  Check here for a good selection of Tree Swings for Adults.