Trampoline Art For Kids

When I was a kid there was so much fun to be had, adventures to go on, villians to vanquish and the world to save… All without even leaving my backyard! And today? I still see the same adventures to be had, but for some reason my kids don’t see it unless it involves video games or a smart phone. Along with bringing you quality, hand crafted tree swings for kids (and adults) we try to bring you some of the coolest ideas we’ve come across to get those kids outside and active. Anything we can do to encourage kids to be outside using their own imaginations is a good step forward.

Do you have a trampoline in the back yard? Did you ever imagine it could double as a huge canvas? Grab some colored chalk, a few kids and some imagination and viola, you have hours of creative fun for kids of all sizes. When they’re done all you need is the hose to wash it off.

If you like this idea, let us know! If you have other great ideas you’d like to share with us please feel free to do so!