Tire Swing Rope

Tire Swing Rope

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Tire Swing Rope is the first step towards your outdoor adventure because that’s what lets you fly like a bird. And there is nothing quite like finding that perfect tree to tie up your tire swing rope and get to playing.

Start An Adventure With Tire Swing Rope

Whether you tie your tire swing rope to a branch hanging over a lake, a river or just over an open field, once you’ve tied up your tire swing, the hours of fun will be endless and the memories will be filled with excitement and smiles.

In choosing tire swing rope make sure you know the rope is up to the task. There are a few things to consider before you purchase your tire swing rope.

Tire Swing Rope Must Be Durable

The rope on a tire swing takes on a great amount of stress caused by weight and friction. Every time you add weight to the rope you stretch the fibers and cause a lot of friction from the tree branch where you tied the rope. Make sure that the rope you purchase was built to handle the rough use.

Weather – Can Your Tire Swing Rope Handle It

It’s likely that your rope will be used outside. That means large changes in the temperature extremes, sun damage, and water damage will occur.

No rope is built to last forever, but there are a few things that can make it last longer than other ropes. Look for a rope with polypropylene or nylon.

If you use a manilla rope, check to see if it comes with any kind of water barrier such as an oil applied to the rope. While cotton and sisal rope may feel soft to the hand, they are likely to deteriorate more quickly and not a great choice for outdoor play.

Make sure to inspect the rope regularly, ideally before use each time, to look for wear and tear and if you see rotting or breaking, then it’s time to replace the rope. While you’re at it, if you’d like to add a nice swing to your rope, just take a look at our great wooden tree swings here.  Or for a short history on tire swings take a look at this.