Summer Just Around The Corner

Summer is just around the corner.  Are you Ready?
With the end of the school year fast approaching and the weather turning warm it’s time to start planning how to keep those kids busy and out of mischief for the next few months!  Now you can take the easy way, if you like, and sentence your kids to a few months of t.v. watching and electronic mind numbing game play, or you can check back here weekly and find fun new activities (and lots of old favorites) to keep your kids engaged, healthy and using their own brain power to figure out fun and creative ways to use all those summer hours in a productive way, and not constantly asking Mom to entertain them!
Since this is the first time you’ve heard from us in a while, go ahead and take some time to check out our favorite swing pages for Adults and kids and jump over to our facebook page to follow our weekly updates all summer long.