Santa Claus or American Hero?

Santa likes

Here’s something fun to do with your kids this Holiday season.  Go out for a walk and enjoy all the Christmas lights and decorations that kind people have put up at their own time and expense just to make others happy.
I remember when I was a little boy and my parents would bundle me up with my big sister and little brother and we’d take a walk through the neighborhood to see this house.  I couldn’t wait to see it every year.  When those lights went up Christmas was surely around the corner and the man that lived there must be Santa Claus or at the very least, his brother.  From the edge of the side walk to the top of his roof, you couldn’t see an inch that didn’t have lights or a decoration.  From elves to reindeer to the Grinch, the Nativity, Frosty and any other important winter time visitor, it was there and probably in multiples of ten!  It was like a winter wonderland that inspired awe and the Christmas spirit in hundreds of small children and any others who saw it.  Yes, this man must definitely have a secret connection to Santa.
It was a wonderful tradition this kind man let us all take part in every year.
As I grew older I finally found out who this man was.  Piecing together stories my parents told and odd bits from neighbors who knew him I learned a great deal.  This man had served in our air force.  He had been to vietnam, recieved numerous awards and citations for bravery and saving lives.  He was a real American Hero and you would never have known it. Then he’d quietly come home and been the kind man in the neighboorhood who didn’t say much about himself, but quietly helped many people.
Eventually like every good story, the hero eventually grew old and passed away.  I’m thankful that his children have continued his tradition.  Even now, 30 years later with kids of my own I still look forward to this Christmas display every year and take my own children to see it.  In fact, we make sure to pass by and enjoy the lights every time we are in that old neighborhood.
In a time of trouble across the country and world it’s nice to have memories of a kind old man that quite literally was Santa Claus for many kids in my poor neighborhood and really was an American Hero in the greatest sense of the word.  Take advantage of the kindness of this season.  Teach your children to be kind, teach them to care for those less fortunate and to do things just to make other smile, even strangers, with no thought for themselves and you will have done the world a favor.
At the along with appreciation for a well made wood tree swing, we also prize good old fashion American values and any people who are willing to help others.  If you have a story you would like to share with us please do so.  If you feel inspired to help another, please do that also.  If there is a way you think we can join with you to help make some ones day a little better please let us know.

From the TreeSwingStore, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!