Tree Swing Hanging Kit – 1 Strap 6 Feet Long


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Tree Swing Hanging Kit

Want to make hanging your swing quick and easy?

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Tree Swing Quick Hang Swing Kit – 1 Strap 6 Feet Long

Quick Hanging Kit Contains:

  • 1 Quick Hang Strap that is 6 feet long.
  • 1 Fast Hook

Great for Use with any “Disc” style round swing!
Our Quick Hang Swing Kit is the ideal solution to getting your swing up and running in minutes.  Made from high quality materials, 1 Quick Hang Swing Strap will work great for any “Disc” style swing you choose from our creative selection.  Will fit around most large sized tree branches.
Hanging Kit Straps:

  • Strap is made of 2 inch wide material and is 6 feet long.
  • A wider strap prevents damage to the tree by distributing weight over a larger area.
  • Each Quick Hang Strap can support up to 500 lbs.
  • Using your Quick Hang Strap will provide a smoother ride on your wood tree swing.
  • Eyelets are made from high quality brass for outdoor durability.

Hanging Kit Quick Links:

  • Each kit comes with 1 Fast Hook.
  • Fast Hooks each support up to 320lbs.
  • Each Fast Hook attaches to a Quick Hang Strap through the brass eyelets.
  • Fast Hooks have a zinc finish to prevent damage from the weather.
  • Fast and Easy!

Don’t Forget To Add Hanging Kit Rope:

  • 10 feet of black Polypropylene rope or more depending on your needs is available.
  • Chemical resistant.
  • Water Resistant, will not absorb moisture.
  • Long life span for outdoor use.
  • UV resistant.