Swing Hanging Strap – Single Strap 6 Feet Long

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Need More Rope?

Get more rope for those higher branches!

Tree Swing Hanging Kit

Want to make hanging your swing quick and easy?


Swing Hanging Straps – Single Strap 6 feet long

The perfect accessory to order for hanging any round swing or the Joker Swing around a very large tree branch!

Our 2 inch wide hanging straps will support your swing for a long, long time!  They make it nice and easy to hang your swing in a matter of seconds.  With a nice wide layer to wrap around your tree branch you don’t have to worry about wear and tear damaging your tree either!

Simply wrap the strap around your tree branch, clip the hanging hook through the brass eyelets and you’re there. Fast set-up, a long life and simple to use, what more can you ask for!