Night Time Bowling

Day And Night Time Bowling!

Outside is the place to be!  Here at the we want our customers to love being outside on their tree swing.  Most of all we want to help our customers have a great summer.  There are so many great ideas out there for outdoor activities and we have come across one that the kids absolutely love.  How about outside bowling during the day or in the dark of night?!  This is easy, fun and the kids will want to play it over and over again.

All you need are the following items:

  • 10 plastic bottles (water bottles for smaller kids or 2 liter pop bottles for kids a bit bigger)
  • Food Coloring
  • 10 Glow Sticks
  • Soccer Ball

Now to put this all together follow these simple instructions:

  1. Fill the plastic water or pop bottles with water
  2. Add the food coloring
  3. Then add the glow sticks
  4. Replace the cap
  5. Set up your “pins”
  6. ENJOY!

Now let the kids take turns seeing who can knock down the most pins.  This is such a fun activity in the dark!  This can also be done during the day by just using the food coloring.  Being outdoors is fun and spending time with family is even better.  So while the kids are outside playing on their tree swing put this activity together and surprise your kids once it gets dark outside.  They are sure to love this activity!   There is nothing better than a warm summer night, having a BBQ, and spending time with your family in the fresh outdoor air.

Check back later and we will have another great blog posted with fun ideas and things to do with your kids.   We want our customers to love the outdoors and spending time with family as much as we do.  If you ever have any fun ideas, games, or even colors or designs of new swings you would like to see on our website please feel free to email or call us with your great ideas.  Remember that the is the place to shop for all your fun wood tree swings for both kids and adult!