Homemade Cars For A Homemade Drive-in

Box Cars For A Drive In Movie Right In Your Living Room

Here at TreeSwingStore.com we love to spend time with our kids and show them that you don’t have to spend money to have a great time.  Family time is important to us and we want to pass this on to our children.  For this reason we love to find fun things to create and do with our family.  We came across this really cute idea and just had to share it.  How about a drive in movie right in your living room?  We all have extra boxes that we have held on to, well now is a good time to use those boxes.  Here is a list of things you will need and fun things that you can use to decorate your car.
·         Box
·         Paper Plates
·         Glue or Tape
·         Color Duct Tape
·         Colored or Pattered Paper
·         Markers or Crayons
·         Bead, Yarn, Goggley Eyes, Stickers, Etc.
·         Large Brads

Here are some simple instructions on making a car for the drive in.
1.    Take an empty box that your kid will fit in.  If it is a box such as an apple box that’s even better, that will give you 2 cars (the lid can be one and the actual box can be a second).
2.    Next, tape or glue paper to your box
3.    Decorate let the kids add beads, yarn, stickers or even googley eyes on to their car to make it their very own.  Use whatever you have laying around the house and let your kid’s creative side show.
4.    Now the last step is attaching your wheels (the paper plates) to your car.  You can do this with large brads, this work great because the wheels can still spin using this method.  However, if you don’t have any brads you can glue the wheels on, which works great too.
5.    You can also attach a paper plate for a steering wheel.

Now that the cars are made all you need is to put a movie in to watch, put the cars in front of the T.V., pop some popcorn and ENJOY!  This is a great simple, cheap, fun activity to do with your children.  They are sure to have fun and have a memory that they will love to share.  It’s also good for you and your children to get outside and enjoy some sunshine.  So here at TreeSwingStore.com we offer a large variety of outdoor swings that you and your child will love and be able to spend quality time together, while playing on any of our swings.  We know that quality family time is important and for this reason we offer quality, handcrafted swings that are sure to bring a smile to your child’s face.  We know that you will love our swings and know that you will receive value that will last for years to come.  So what are you waiting for?  Check out our swings and start spending quality time with your children.