Fun In=Door Fort for Kids

Godzilla Crashes Kid’s Fort!

Godzilla Crashes Kids Fort!

Fun In=Door Fort for KidsI’m in my 30’s but I still enjoy building a fort inside my house with my kids.  It’s a great thing for them to do and lets them know dad is ok with a mess, sometimes.  When it’s cold outside and I can’t talk them into playing on one of those nice wooden tree swings I made for them, this is a good way to keep them actively doing one thing for hours and it’s a great way for them to develop their imaginations.

I bet there are plenty of you reading this blog that can remember back to childhood and building a few of these indoor forts yourselves.  Here is a list of my 3 favorite spots to build a fort inside:

  1. Bunk Beds!  All you need to do is grab a flashlight and drape a blanket from the top bunk down the side and there you go!
  2. Under The Kitchen Table.  Move the chairs out of the way toss a few blankets over the top, put some of your mom’s nice china on top of the blankets to keep them from sliding off the table and now you have a top secret HQ just a few feet from you food supply.
  3. Living Room Couches.  Take a couple couches and turn them back to back.  Leave about 5 feet of space in the middle and throw a couple blankets over the top.  Simple and done.

These may not make mom and dad happy to find, but they sure are fun.

The great thing about an indoor fort is that once it’s made your imagination can take you anywhere!  That fort can turn into a space ship, a submarine, a jungle hideout and even a fortress on top of a mountain where you’ll fight off a horde of angry trolls.  It’s amazing what a few well-placed blankets can do.  In fact, this reminds me of when I was young.

When I was young my little brother Joe and I shared a room.  We had bunk beds that my dad had made and they made a great indoor fort.  I can remember many adventures in that hideout.  Then one day it all came crashing down.  Literally!
We had a baby sitter that was very large and kind of mean, think she even looked a little like Godzilla.  She’d spend the time telling us what to do and talking on the phone to boys.  One day we decided enough was enough and ran screaming through the house waving wooden spoons and threatening to unplug the phone.  Keep in mind we were only 5 and 3 years old.  To escape us she climbed on to the top bunk and started yelling at us.  My little brother jumped on the bottom bunk for a sneak attack and just then I heard a loud crack!  Luckily I grabbed my brother and pulled him free just before the bunk beds collapsed.  I’m not sure if it was the sheer weight of our baby sitter or maybe my dad just didn’t put enough nails in the bed, but it came crashing down.

Needless to say, that was the last time she baby sat at my house.

At the we believe in keeping kids active and healthy.  Being active isn’t just a physical trait, it’s also important to keep a child’s imagination active.  Building a fort inside during cold weather and helping them imagine themselves into another world is a good exercise for kids and adults!  If you have suggestions for keeping kids healthy and active and would like to share them with us please do.