Can you get your kids to clean?

Teaching Your Children To Have Fun While Cleaning, Yes This Is Possible!

Help Kids have fun while they clean! TreeSwingStore.comHere at we love to spend time with our kids and constantly teach them new things.  Maybe they are things that we did as a child or it’s something new that we just learned ourselves.  No matter the reason there is always a season that gives you the opportunity to spend time with your children.  We strongly believe that either you can teach your kids or the world can teach them for you.  So we are here to help give you ideas of things that you can and should teach your children and have fun doing it.

As your children get older and can start helping around the house you may find that this can be a difficult task and sometimes you give up and just end up doing everything yourself.  Yes at the time this may seem like a good idea, but in the long run this just teaches your kid that mom and dad will do it if I frustrate them enough.  We want to give you a couple of ideas to help make cleaning fun for not just you but for the kids:

·         Music – What kid doesn’t love to have music going and them dancing along?  All you do is find a good fun fast beat music turn it up and tell your kids that they have to pick up as much stuff as possible before the music stops or the song ends.  Typically if you have young kids this works better if you pause the music every 30 to 45 seconds.  If there is too much time that passes before the music stops then the younger children tend to get bored.
·         Biggest Pile– This is fun if you have the children working in the yard with you and there are toys, garbage, weeds, etc. that need to be picked up.  You can either have the kids do this as an individual or as teams.  Have the kids pick up all the toys and see who can make the bigger pile.  Kids love this challenge and the toys get picked up quick.  This works great with weeds that need to get pulled out of the garden or flower bed.
·         Chore Board – This is a great idea if you can give each chore a price.  For example – Sweeping the kitchen floor they get $.50 and so forth.  Let the kids pick which chores they are going to do and put them under their name.  This way the each kid can decide how much money they want to earn and what chores they are going to do to earn it.  If your child does really care about money, maybe they are still little then have each chore equal a treat or a fun activity like going to the park for 30 minutes or get an ice cream.  This is fun to get creative and switch it up from time to time.

We know that having a clean home can make for a happy home so before you let your sweet angel go play on their awesome wood tree swing teach them that chores can be fun.  Remember that kids learn by example!  Have fun with your kids and get started teaching them good healthy habits and making fun memories at the same time.  Be sure to go outside at least an hour a day and play with your kid on their wood tree swing.