Who Are We? Why Should You Shop With Us?

At the Tree Swing Store we believe in quality and value. By providing the best wooden tree swings available, and building them ourselves right here in America. We know we can give you not only a great product, but that it will also build lasting memories with friends and family.

Each swing we build is made from raw lumber that is harvested from American forests. We cut the lumber to size, mill and plane it. After we hand sand the wood we apply your finish of choice. All designs are hand painted one at a time so no swing is ever going to be exactly like the one before it.

Few memories are as cherished as spending time as a child in your yard during the summer on a tree swing. The joy of playing with friends, family, jumping as far as you can, and occasionally jumping a little to far: we all have those memories. What came to your mind?

We love what we do, because it brings countless smiles to families just like yours. Shopping with us is not just a way to buy a new tree swing, it’s an invitation for our family to enter yours and really make an impact. We take that privelage seriously and put our hearts and souls into every tree swing we make.

Thanks for choosing me and my family to help you build memories for a lifetime. We look forward to serving you and yours.